Meet Our Co-Hosts

You may be interested in who is teaching us economics in this Crash Course series and what their backgrounds are.  Keep in mind this is the first Crash Course series not hosted by either of the founders, John and Hank Green.

Jacob Clifford teaches high-school economics at San Pasqual High School in Escondido California.  He is the founder of ACDC Leadership, a website for “student-focused teaching resources that makes learning exciting, powerful, and fun.”  Mr. Clifford has released his own YouTube videos that explain economics for his students. It’s obvious why Crash Course chose this guy to be a co-host: he pretty much does the same thing as Crash Course but with a smaller budget.  He also has a pretty high ratemyprofessor score.

Mr. Clifford received his Master’s in Economics from the University of Delaware.

If you recall, his part of the show is going to talk about “theories and graphs of economics, you know, the textbook stuff,” so it makes sense that he knows the high school economics textbook front-to-back.

Adriene Hill is a Senior Reporter of the public radio show Marketplace, where she’s been there for five years.  Most of her news segments are about Media & Technology, but she also seems to follow the Greece Debt Crisis pretty closely.  Her role is to talk about real world applications and examples of economics to relate Mr. Clifford’s theoretical points to stuff you’re familiar with.  She has a Master’s in Political Science from Northwestern.

I’m not sure how they found Adriene Hill.  Crash Course did have an agreement with PBS, but Adriene’s Marketplace is owned by American Public Media, a separate entity.

Any findings, thoughts, or conspiracy theories about how Crash Course found Adriene Hill, please let me know.

As far as I know, neither of the hosts have background in Austrian Economics or taken Tom Wood’s Liberty Classroom.

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