As an Aside…

Yes I know episode #10 is out, and I will be publishing at least one post about it later this week (hoping for Tuesday night or Friday night).

I wanted to draw attention to a podcast that recently debuted doing almost exactly the same thing I do here at CC, except in podcast form and critiquing a much more well-known economics scholar.

Tom Woods and Bob Murphy (both of the Austrian persuasion) release a podcast every week critiquing probably the most well-known economist today: Paul Krugman.

Krugman is generally a Keynesian (and on the left of the political spectrum, which he makes known), although he has moments that stray from traditional Keynesian thought.

Regardless of what economic school of thought you favor, if you like the critiques the we do here at CCC, you might like this podcast, called Contra Krugman.  I’m also hoping that someone of the Keynesian (or other) persuasion will create the site, and then we can really have something!

Critiques and Criticism (in the neutral sense of the word) stengthen everyone’s arguments and understanding of these issues we discuss.  It’s great to see more of them popping up.

Side note: I like to listen to podcasts using the app (no, they don’t pay me).  If you are unsatisfied with your podcasting app (as I was with both Stitcher and Pocketcasts), you might give this one a try.

Stay tuned for my critique of Episode 10!



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