VidCon Delays Episode 3

Episode 3 was supposed to be released Wednesday evening, but as of today (Friday), we’ve still got nothing.

I tweeted at the co-hosts and show to see what the deal was:

I received this response from Mr. Clifford:


VidCon is a convention for online video content creators and fans.  YouTube’s top stars will be there, including Crash Course’s main producer and editor, Stan Muller.

The convention is from Thursday to Saturday, and I imagine Stan was preparing for it all week, so he didn’t get a chance to post the video, even though we are all desperately waiting.

Stan, did you know that you can set your YouTube channel to release videos at a specified time, so you don’t have to do it manually?

Don’t make me drop so low that I have to critique popular videos on behavioral economics, like this one.  Behavioral Economics has about as much to do with real economics as does Home Economics (that joke is Bob Wenzel’s).

Crash Course Criticism has a wife and kids to feed here Stan.  Don’t make them starve.

We’re counting on you.



UPDATE: Stan has tweeted that the next video will be up on Wednesday:  

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    you’re doing a great job, I love the idea and will be following your posts closely.
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