Karl Marx Bust on the Crash Course Desk

Things have been slow here at CCC since last week’s video was pushed back until this coming Wednesday, so I thought I’d take a second to point out something that someone in the YouTube comments noticed about the on-camera desk space at Crash Course:


Behind Adriene you can see a slot machine (I suppose signifying the seemingly random and potentially profitable possibilities in predicting the economy), an abacus (can’t really explain that; that’s more mathematics than anything), a safe or something with a red button (that can’t possibly be referring to Rothbard’s button), and a bust of Karl Marx.

Will we have a full episode dedicated to Communism and Karl Marx?  Will there be other episodes dedicated to other economics schools of thought?  CCC certainly hopes so.

*Also notice the standard black faux-wooden desk, which I’m pretty sure is from IKEA.

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